Monday, October 30, 2017

The 40 & Over League Show

Show Premise:
Artie, Larry, Shmegs, Ira and Naoki are friends in their forties who think they’re a lot better at basketball than they actually are. Based on skill alone, they shouldn’t be watching basketball, let alone playing in a league. But their weekly game allows them to get out of the house, relive some of their youthful triumphs, and most importantly, engage in the age-old ritual of male bonding. Together they face the health, relationship and career challenges of middle-age, as well as some old challenges they thought they were done with years ago, like growing new hair in hard to reach places.

This is now being developed as an animated series, but here's the trailer/pitch video we shot when we were thinking of doing it live action. Visit here often to avoid doing actual work during the course of your day and to find out when the series will be ready to watch.

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