Thursday, November 21, 2013

My Latest Project

If Spanish is your native tongue, my grandmother will refer to you as "Spanish," regardless of your actual country of origin. In that spirit... Spanish people of earth, and all those who want to learn how to combat hair loss, depression, skin rashes and other ailments by cooking and eating nutritious AND delicious foods, behold part one of the pilot episode of "Sabor y Algo Mas," hosted by Nydia Marsella. Please view, like us on facebook (, share, and subscribe on YouTube, as often as possible.

My grandmother says she'll learn Spanish once we reach 10,000 YouTube subscribers - or at least how to say, "Oy, I'm in such a pain!" At 50,000, she'll make homemade latkes on Cinco de Mayo. Until then, she and all the other non-Spanish people can watch with English subtitles by turning on the captions.

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